Draft Manuscript Available!

Hello friend,


I am pleased to announce that although I have taken a break in production, I was able to release a draft copy of my manual.  It is unedited and does contain mistakes, but it is informational and entertaining albeit.  Please take the time to read my manuscript.  I worked hard on what is complete for your viewing.  Just hover over the menu to see a list of all of my chapters.


Available chapters are as follows:




1. Christian Mental Survival Checklist

2. The Faithful Tested

3. Introduction to the Mark of the Beast and Prophecy

4. Consequences of the Mark of the Beast

5. The Faithful Rewarded

6. Chronology of Latter-day Events

7. Christ’s Second Coming and the Tribulation

8. The Resurrection and the 1000 Year Reign of Christ

9. Satan’s Final Battle and the Great White Throne Judgment

10. A New Heaven and New Earth

11. When is the Refinement?

12. Satan and the Enemies’ Kingdom

13. Up against the Mark—What Can be Expected?

14. How Can Satan Gain a Foothold?

15. What Protection Does a Christian Have?

16. The Way to Salvation

17. Nothing Impure Will Enter

18. The Holy Spirit

19. The Old and New Covenants

20. Religious Groups That Are Cultic

21. Should a Christian be a Freemason?

22. Is Demon Possession Relevant Today?

23. Abstaining from Practice: Meat, Electricity, and Commerce

24. For Those Who Force the Mark on Others