From Saul to Paul

GraceI can remember before I was in a solid relationship with God.  I had little understanding of the Bible and had never read an entire book of it, faith aside.  I was confirmed in my youth at my church, yet I remained an immature Christian into adulthood.  I thought I could get by using the luke-warm method: 1. Believe in God, 2. Worry about Him later.  I was wrong!  Christ changed my life a few years ago and personally revealed His will to me.  I prayed for guidance prior, probably not because of inherent inclination to lean on God, but rather because life was not easy going at the time.  I am sure that people can relate to turning to God during a time of burden.  How do we deal with burden?  The burden is not supposed to overcome us.  People often wonder why God permits pain and why there is a test, the answer is that our faith is tested in fire and the fire refines us!  Our free will is such a gift and responsibility that only those who respond to their calling will be acceptable before the Lord.  I don’t want anyone to misunderstand grace and pre-selection, a belief I subscribe to.  God selected His special possessions before their creation and they may be considered elect, yet it isn’t because of anything they have done.  Grace is God’s abounding love that will not fail to allow even the most vile of sinner the time to know that he or she has been chosen, if so, and the time to respond to his or her calling.  Paul is perhaps the most notable persona who exemplifies this concept.  I call it, “from Saul to Paul.”  He was filthy on the inside, as all of us are, yet the grace Christ apportioned Paul allowed Paul to transform and renew his mind.  Paul, as we all know, is the reigning Christian poster-boy despite his old-self.  I hope that people will believe in their grace and will respond to their calling.  The past is the past.  Those who are already firm believers probably have already made the commitment to never backslide to the old-self.  Thankfully, Christ and the Spirit are our two best aids to continue in the Lord’s kindness and grace!  We all know how to reach Him!

In Christ,


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    Looking forward to your book being published!